We're A Family Gym

Our Goal Is To Make You Feel Welcome!

Delta Main Street Gym is a family owned business located here in Delta, Utah. We've always been conscious of the importance of staying healthy both physically and mentally. We feel it is at the core of having a happier family life. 

Our goal is to provide a family-friendly place for you to work out with others; a place where you can feel comfortable while reaching your health and fitness goals. Our friendly staff and fitness instructors are ready to help you. 

To this end, we invite everyone to enjoy the Delta Main Street Gym where you can go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get fit. Work out with friends. Reach goals together. Live Stronger. Plus we offer various fitness classes that are led by local and kind instructors who understand your needs.

We aim to build a family atmosphere among our staff and instructors which helps to actually keep you motivated to keep coming. Many gyms are content with just getting people signed up even though they know many will hardly come back. We're not that way! We thrive on seeing our friends and family in the community make a success of their goals to get and stay healthier.